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        Network overlying water supply equipment series

        • Products Name:Intelligent (mute) network overlying water supply device
        • No.:sn2016081622155
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        • Features and Benefits
          Convenient and quick installation, no noise, vibration or leaking point during operation of the device Adopting the advanced human-computer interface control system; Displaying the operating parameters and operating status of inlet pressure, outlet pressure, outlet flow, set pressure, set liquid level, running current and voltage, working frequency dynamically, precisely, distinctly, in real time and clearly, as well as displaying dynamic images and controlling in real time. Full-automatic intelligent control and management to truly realize all-time operation without professional management. It is easy to operate with reliable performance, and also available to add water-quality disposal and sterilizing device to the flow stabilization tank. Being capable of continuous sterilization and self-cleaning with high efficiency to increase oxygen and lower the hardness of water.
          It is mainly applicable to the domestic water supply of civil buildings like newly-built high-rise and small high-rise residential communities, office buildings, hotels and schools, especially for the domestic water supply with high requirements for service environment, free from noise and vibration, small area occupation, superior- configured high grade residences and villas.
          Performance parameters
          Temperature range:0~+40℃
          Operating pressure:≤2.5Mpa
          Environment:Non-corrosive, oil mist, conductive dust

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