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        Welcome to Shanghai People Pump Factory Co.,Ltd.


        Network overlying water supply equipment series

        • Products Name:Regulate water-supply device with frequency conversion and non-negative pressure (network overlying water supply equipment)
        • No.:sn2016081622226
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        • Features and Benefits
          Water tank constructed without a machine is with energy and cost conservation, easy for installation, saving occupied area, wide in uses, strong applicability, complete functions, high intelligence level and individual design. Nothing in Common
          Circulation systems like fire-fighting water, the production water of industry and mining enterprise and the domestic water with high requirements cannot be met by the domestic water with lower tap water pressure of the newly-built residential community and the official buildings.
          Performance parameters
          Rotation speed:1450~2900r/min
          Temperature range:≤80℃
          Operating pressure:≤2.0Mpa

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