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        Centrifugal pump

        • Products Name:DI/DLR vertical multi-level centrifugal pump
        • No.:sn2016081663824
        • DI/DLR vertical multi-level centrifugal pump
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        • Product Introduction
          DI vertical multi-level centrifugal pump is optimized and manufactured based on horizontal centrifugal pump, whose performance is up to the requirement of latest national standard of JB/T2727-93.The pump's inlet and outlet are in the up-down structure and its user may turn its direction to four locations, including 90°, 180° and 270° in line with the actual condition in installation. The pump shaft is on the same level as motor shaft and the mechanical seal devices are adopted in its seal. Low-noise bearings are adopted as bearings, thus the whole equipment runs in very low noise and small vibration, greatly improving its service environment and enhancing its service life. Its characteristics are of occupying a small area, high lift, and convenience in installation and repair. It is applicable to convey clean water with the temperature lower than 90℃ and the liquid whose physical and chemical property is similar to water to fire-fighting water supply in water supply and drainage of high-rise buildings, water plants, mines, oilfields and other organizations.
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