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        Centrifugal pump

        • Products Name:TSWA-type Horizontal Multi-level Centrifugal Pump
        • No.:sn2016081788075
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        • Product Introduction
          TSWA-type horizontal multiple-level centrifugal pump is an energy-saving series of products developed and produced by our unit, with advantages of high efficiency, low operating noise, good performance of anti-cavitation, reasonable structure and long duration. There are 40 specifications of 5 categories of TSWA-type horizontal multi-level centrifugal pump in total with the using performance range of: TSWA-type horizontal multi-level centrifugal pump is available for the conveying of clean water below 80℃ or liquids with the physical or chemical property similar to water and widely used for water supply and drainage in urban construction, plants and mines. It is especially applicable to water supply of the refrigeration air conditioners in hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.
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