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        Centrifugal pump

        • Products Name:PBG Canned-motor Pipeline Mounted Pump
        • No.:sn2016081739000
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        • Product Introduction
          The pump is applicable to the circulation and pressurization of hot and cold water below 100℃. Shower in particular, is inclined to getting on fire due to low water pressure, ignition difficulty or unstable water pressure. The problem is completely solved by installing the pump. It is applicable to the pressurized water supply in families with too low water pressure, water supply for solar water heater, the hot water circulation and pressurization of the boiler, pressurization and circulation of liquid in industrial device, circulation and pressurization in air conditioner and cooling system.
          For the structure of the pump, it adopts stainless steel sleeve to completely isolate the iron core from water inside the motor. It cancels traditional mechanical sealing structure, and thoroughly solves regular leakage problem in water seal. The structure adopts stone bearing and ceramic spindle and it is wear-resisting, anti-corrosion, spontaneously lubricated by water, and with less noise. Its operating voltage is not loaded throughout the whole process and the service life is long so long as used properly. All materials in the motor adopt high-temperature quality materials which are applicable to hot water circulation and pressurization system. The pump may be configured with auto water control switch. It is convenient to use for three-gear speed governing switch is designed in the pump's line box. It regulates speed depending on the different environments and requirements of users.
          Working condition
          1.Temperature range of conveying medium:0℃-100℃
          2. Maximum ambient temperature:+40℃
          3. Medium requirement: clean. It is free from solid substance, viscosity and corrosiveness;
          4. Chemical properties: Neutral, non-explosive and quasi-water liquid (the content of ethylene glycol is higher than 30%)
          5. Please consult with manufacturers for pumping other liquid;
          6. Maximum working pressure is 100pa
          7. Minimum inlet pressure: 0.05bar under the temperature of 50℃
          0.3bar under the temperature of 95℃
          1.0bar under the temperature of 110℃
          The above value fits 300m above sea level only. In higher zone, it rises by 0.01bar every 100m. In order to prevent noise resulting from the cavitation, it is necessary to maintain the minimum inlet pressure.
          8. Its rated voltage is -10%-10%. If the voltage is too low, it shall run very slowly or fail to start and quickly heat, resulting in insufficient lift and low pressure.
          Model meaning

          Performance parameter

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