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        Centrifugal pump

        • Products Name:PBG Canned-motor Pipeline Mounted Pump
        • No.:sn2016081740536
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        • Product Introduction
          PBG canned-motor pipeline mounted pump is a series of products newly rolled out to adapting to domestic market demand. It absorbs advanced technology in international screening pump design and manufacture and applies screening technology to areas of fluid conveying.
          Performance parameters of PBG canned-motor pipeline mounted pump are basically up to the international standard of ISO2858 and national standard of JB/T6878.2-93. It is remarkably characterized of standard design, high universality, reasonable structure, stable performance, low noise in operation, and no vibration and it is an ideal product to replace regular horizontal centrifugal pumps and vertical pipeline mounted pump.
          Performance range: the motor power is 0.37-60KW
          Product characteristics
          1. Its pump structure is compact with pump and machine integration and it is small in volume. For its vertical structure, it occupies a small area in installation, runs steadily and demands no adjustment during installation;
          2. Its pump's outlet is designed to have guard rails with the same specification located in the same central line and can be directly installed on the pipeline like valves. Besides, the centre is low, convenient for pipeline layout and installation;
          3. Its pump is on the same shaft as the motor. The axial dimensions are short, making pump operation more steady and extremely less vibrated and noisy.
          4. Its installation and overhaul are convenient. All of its rotor parts can be withdrawn for inspection and repair by dismantling the connector nut only without dismantling pipeline system.
          5. The pump can be installed in series or in parallel way in line with the operating requirements such as flow and the lift.
          Main uses
          Ordinary model of PBG canned-motor pipeline mounted pump supplies and conveys clean water and other liquid in similar physical and chemical properties to clean water. Its medium temperature is lower than 80℃ and it is applicable to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, water-supplying pressurization in high-rise buildings, sprinkling irrigation in gardens, fire-fighting pressurization, water conveying in long distance, pressurization of heating, bathroom, and other supporting devices. It is particularly applicable to locations with high requirements for vibration and noise, such as underground pump houses and air conditioner refrigeration systems.
          Hot-water-operated PBG canned-motor pipeline mounted pump mainly conveys soft water with the temperature no more than 160℃ and without solid particles; it is applicable to the industries of energy source, metallurgy, chemical engineering, textile and papermaking, the pressurized hot water circulating convey in hotel, restaurant, bathroom and boiler, the urban heating system circulation and other situations.
          Anti-corrosion PBG canned-motor pipeline mounted pump mainly conveys corrosive liquid without solid particles and with viscosity resembling water; it is applicable to departments such as petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, electricity, papermaking, food, pharmacy and synthetic fiber.
          Model meaning

          Performance parameter

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