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        Centrifugal pump

        • Products Name:SOW Double-suction Centrifugal Pump
        • No.:sn2016081893104
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        • Product Introduction
          SOW pump adopts the current best hydraulic model with self-balancing axial force and radical force at home and abroad; it is with the characteristics of stable performance, high efficiency, compact structure, small vibration, high-pressure-withstand on the pump body and easy to install and maintain.
          Product uses
          The SOW series products are generally applied in tap water plant, farmland irrigation, drainage pumping station, power plant, water circulation of air conditioners, industrial water supply system, fire-fighting system, shipping industry and the general uses in the petroleum refining industry.
          Structural performance
          1). Compact structure, occupying a small area and great compression of axial dimension.
          2). Small vibration and low noise. The following measures are adopted to reduce the vibration and noise:
          A. Pump casing adopts the double-volute structure
          B. Rotor parts have short axial dimension and good rigidity
          C. The pump shaft is supported by the imported high precise bearing.
          Performance range:
          Performance range:Pump outlet diameter:DN80-800mm
          Pump flow range:Q≤11600m3/h
          Pump lift range:H≤200m
          Pump operating pressure:P≤2.5Mpa
          Pump operating temperature:T≤105℃
          Pump operating voltage:U=380V、6Kv、10Kv
          Rotation speed:590-2900r/min
          Working range
          The maximum operating pressure of the SOW volute double-suction pump system is 2.5Mpa, namely the pump inlet pressure + pump lift is ≤2.5Mpa and the pump static-pressure test pressure is 3.75Mpa.
          In line with the highest pressure born by pump body, the gray cast iron, nodular cast iron (2.0Mpa) and cast steel (2.5Mpa) should be adopted as materials of the pump body and the pump cover. Accordingly, the bearing pressure and materials of pump should be identified when ordering.
          This kind of pump conveys clean water or other kinds of liquid with physical properties similar to the clean water under the temperature ≤105℃.

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