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        Centrifugal pipeline pump

        • Products Name:CDL Vertical Multi-level Pipeline Mounted Pump
        • No.:sn2016081616985
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        • Product Introduction
          CDL/CDL (F) is a non-self-priming vertical multi-level centrifugal pump for installation of standard motor. Its motor shaft directly links with the pump shaft by coupler through pump head and its stay bolt fastens inner pressure cylinder and flow passage components between pump head and inflow section. The inlet and outlet of it are on the same straight line at the end of the pump. The pump is configured with smart protector based on demand of effectively protecting the pump in idle operation, phase loss, overload, etc.
          CDL pump is applicable to non-corrosive liquid while CDLF is applicable to mild corrosive liquid.
          Applicable range:
          Water supply: It is applicable to filtration and conveying in the water plant, water-supplying in areas of water plant, pressurization in main pipelines and in high-rise buildings.
          Water disposal: Ultra-filtration system, reverse osmosis system, separator and swimming pool.
          Irrigation: Farmland irrigation, sprinkling irrigation and trickle irrigation.
          Industrial pressurization: Process water system, cleaning system, high-pressure washing system and fire-fighting system.
          Industrial liquid conveying: Cooling and air-conditioning system, boiler feed water and condensing system, machine tool configuration, acid and alkali.
          The motor is a totally-enclosed air-cooled secondary standard motor.
          Protection level: IP55 insulation level
          Model meaning

          Performance parameter

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