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        Welcome to Shanghai People Pump Factory Co.,Ltd.


        Axial-flow Pump and Mixed-flow Pump

        • Products Name:Frequency Conversion Control Cabinet
        • No.:sn2016081837609
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        • Features and Benefits

          It is assembled by adopting imported parts or introduced high-quality parts and controlled by intelligent PC automation. It is full-automatic without manual operation, but with optimum matching and eminent energy-saving effect in high efficiency area.


          Stepless speed regulating of various water supply and drainage pumps. The open and close loops control the AC stepless speed regulating automatically, and control soft start and stop of various of motors step by step.

          Performance parameters

          Power of control motor:0.18-250Kw

          Control voltage:380V

          Control of pump number:1-7

          Precision of pressure control:1-5

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