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        Fire-fighting (Living) Water Supply Device

        • Products Name:KB Full-automatic, Frequency-control and Constant-pressure Fire-fighting (Living) Water Supply Device
        • No.:sn2016081863197
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        • Features and Benefits

          It is mechanical-electrical integration and compact in structure with highly universal and good reliability. Its water pump is of efficient operation with remarkable energy-saving effects. It prevents secondary contamination to enhance water quality. Its start and stop impact is low, which greatly enhances the service life of related devices.


          Variable frequency and set pressure, auto water supply, auto hot and cool water supply of industries, heating and ventilation, heat supply, etc., automatic sprinkling irrigation, conveying of oilfield and other liquids, and auto water supply for garden sprinkling, water curtain and music fountain

          Performance parameters


          Pressure of water supply:0-2.7Mpa

          Power of control motor:0.18-250Kw

          Precision of pressure control:±0.02Mpa

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