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        Deep-Well Pump

        • Products Name:QJ well-used submersible electric pump
        • No.:sn2016081774783
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        • Product Introduction
          QJ well-used submersible electric pump is a kind of water machine, the motor and pump of which are direct-linked and it can work under the water; it is applicable to lift underground water from the deep well and other water-lifting projects such as lifting from river, reservoir and water channel: it is mainly used for farmland irrigation and domestic water in the plateau mountain area and can also be used for the water drainage in city, factory, railway, mine area and construction site.
          Product characteristics
          1. The motor and the pump are directly linked and can work under the water and it is safe and reliable.
          2. No special requirements for well pipe and drainage pipe (namely it can work inside the steel pipe well, ash pipe well, indigenous well and so on; under the permissible pressure, the steel pipe hose and plastic hose can also act as drainage pipe);
          3. It is easy to install, use and maintain, occupying a small area and requiring no pump house;
          4. Save raw materials because of its simple structure.
          There is a direct relation between submersible electric pump's service duration and its appropriate using conditions and management.
          Model meaning

          Performance parameter

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