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        Oil-filled submersible pump

        • Products Name:V (WQ)-type Sewage Submersible Pump
        • No.:sn2016081749141
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        • Service condition
          1. The submersion depth shall not be more than 15m subject to the center of the impeller;
          2. The conveying medium temperature shall not be more than 40℃
          3. The PH value of input medium shall be 4-10
          4. The kinematic viscosity of the conveying medium shall be 7×10-7-23×10-6㎡/S
          5. The maximal conveying medium density shall be 1.2×103kg/m3
          Uses and characteristics
          V(WQ) series of single and three-phase sewage submersible electric pump is an advanced and ideal sewage disposal machine at present. Substituting "WQ" with "V" suggests the special design and wide high-efficiency area of overcurrent parts of the pump with full lift (no overload) and can operate efficiently and safely within a big flow range. The broad channel anti-blocking design of the impeller enables the pump to convey sundries of solid particle with a diameter of 15-35mm and fluid like continuous fiber. With suction structure and made of stainless steel and special cast iron, the pump has the functions of thorough drainage and anti-corrosion, and after equipped with the float switch, automatic start/stop control can be realized with the change of liquid level. The protector is installed inside the motor and it would cut off current automatically for overheat or overcurrent to ensure the safety and reliability of the pump operating in adverse conditions.
          Performance parameter

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