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        Oil-filled submersible pump

        • Products Name:V (WQ)-type Cutting Sewage Submersible Pump
        • No.:sn2016081727678
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        • Uses and characteristics
          The cutting sewage submersible electric pump is an ideal sewage disposal machine at present. It is characterized by the high-speed rotary cutting system installed at the inlet of the pump to cut off the continuous fiber and hard sundries effectively. It avoids the phenomenon of twisting or sticking of impellers to ensure normal operation of the pump. It is applicable to sewage disposal of public restrooms, industry and mining and families. After equipped with the float switch, automatic power-off can be realized with the change of liquid level to ensure the safety and reliability of pump operating in adverse conditions.
          Service condition
          1. The submersion depth shall not be more than 5m subject to the center of the impeller;
          2. The conveying medium temperature shall not be more than 40℃
          3. The PH value of input medium shall be 4-10
          4. The kinematic viscosity of the conveying medium shall be 7×10-7-23×10-6㎡/S
          5. The maximal conveying medium density shall be 1.2×103kg/m3
          Performance parameter

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