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        sewage pump

        • Products Name:ZW Free-blocking and Self-priming Pump
        • No.:sn2016081718261
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        • Product Introduction
          This pump integrates self-priming and drainage of free-blocking. It can both operate without installing bottom valve or irrigating water like ordinary self-priming pump and pump sewage, sediment, sundries of waste mine, human wastes and all the engineering sewage and wastes with big particles of the solid block or continuous fiber. It can reduce labor intensity completely, being convenient for installation, of stable performance and hardly requiring maintenance.
          Application range
          1.the ambient temperature is less than or equal to 45℃, medium temperature are less than 60.
          2.medium pH value 6-9, stainless steel pump for 1-14.
          3, through the maximum diameter of the particle size of the pump 60%, 5 times the diameter of the fiber length.
          4.medium weight is less than 15% of the weight of medium, medium is not less than 1240kg/m3.
          Model meaning

          Performance parameter

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