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        sewage pump

        • Products Name:WQK Series of Sewage Pumps for Engineering use
        • No.:sn2016081790345
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        • Product Introduction
          WQK series of sewage pumps for engineering use adopts side cooling water circuit structure, with an inlet at the bottom and an outlet at the top; The motor adopts grade F insulation and is installed with thermal protector; Extremely wear-resisting mechanical seal is installed between the pump and electric motor, and semi-open impeller with little possibility to block is adopted; The rotational shaft is hard (chrome) plated; Waterproof structure is adopted at the inlet of the cable.
          Main uses

          This series of engineering sewage pump is especially designed for the drainage of underground water, sediment water and rainwater of civil engineering, foundation engineering of the construction and mines and is widely used for subway projects, tunnel projects, construction sites and mines as well as agricultural drainage-irrigation and water tower water supply.

          The electric pump can operate continuously and normally under following conditions:

          1.medium temperature is not higher than +40;
          2.the pH value of the medium is between 4-10;
          3.medium density does not exceed 1.3 x 103 Kg/m3;
          4.the power frequency is 50Hz, in phase 380V; voltage fluctuation range is 0.9-11 times of the rated value
          5.diving depth is not more than 20M.
          Model meaning

          Performance parameter

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