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        sewage pump

        • Products Name:NL Sewage and Sludge Pump
        • No.:sn2016081733848
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        • Product Introduction
          The pump is a single-level and single-priming vertical centrifugal pump. Its axial line of fluid pump shaft flows out in the 70° direction. Its major parts include volute, pump frame, pump casing, support tube, motor frame, motor, and the impeller nut which is made of pig iron and is highly wear-resisting, corrosive and convenient in processing technology. Its impeller is single-leaf and single-round-string curved impeller and it is semi-closed impeller made of malleable cast iron. Thus, it has a high strength and anti-corrosion; it is convenient in processing with good universal and high efficiency. In order to reduce weight and turning quantity, the pump shaft is made of quality carbon steel and cold-drawn round steel. There are four framework oil seals and shaft sleeves in the pump frame to prevent the shaft from being worn and to extend the service life of it. The pump can be vertically or aslant used, occupying a small area. Its volute runs by being embedded in operating medium and it is easily started without diversion. Concerning its direction of rotation, it runs clockwise from the tail of the motor. All specifications are reserved for its overall length so that users can appropriately make selections in line with the using purposes.
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